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Value 4 CCTV Camera Indoor/Outdoor IR Nightvision Package - BUN/KPD674/13203

Was : £607.22
You save : £277.25
£329.98 inc.VAT
ex.VAT : £274.98

IViewCameras.co.uk regret that this product is sold out. Please call our CCTV sales team on 0871 971 0732 for an equivalent model.


Need help? Call our team of specialists on 0871 971 0732.

This CCTV bundle includes :

Avtech 4 Channel Networked DVR USB, VGA & Remote

Seagate 500GB Hard Drive Installed

4 x 18M DIY CCTV Camera Cable BNC Terminated
4 x 500mA 12V PSU With 2.1mm Jack
4 x Value Day/Night Outdoor 15M Infra Red CCTV Camera

2 x Warning signs pack of 3. Sticky front for windows

4 channel DVR that uses H.264 Compression, is networkable and has a USB back up facility!!

With over 20 years experience in the security systems market, Avtech products have become the first choice for inexpensive and most importantly effective CCTV.
From private homes to commercial properties, Avtech DVRs offer real value and are fast emerging as the country’s leading property protection system due to a host of features normally only found on the most expensive units.
With amazing features like built in Motion Detection, USB backup, Networking, DVD backup facilities and remote viewing to name but a few, peace of mind has never come at such a low cost.
If the great value and wealth of features isnt enough for you, watermarked video images are admissible in all UK courts and Avtech products are also recognised by all major global insurance companies.


  • Built in VGA for LCD monitor
  • Remote control
  • Ethernet 10/100
  • Burn footage directly onto USB
  • Record up to 4 cameras simultaneously
  • View camera footage remotely
  • PENTAPLEX Allows live display, record, playback, backup and network operation at the same time
  • Record at up to 100fps spread across all 4 cameras
  • 2 x Digital Zoom
  • Built-in motion detection for recording events only
  • Supports TCP/IP, PPPoE, DHCP and DDNS network connection
  • Watermark function ensures authentication of the recorded images
  • Supports Pre-alarm recording (8MB)
  • Data Protection Act compliant
  • Quick multiple search function by date/time, alarm, full list
  • Security password protection
  • Will automatically continue recording after a power failure
  • 1 audio channel (2 audio channel recording and I audio output for speaker)
  • 343 X59 X 223mm
  • 1 Year Guarantee

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Comments, Questions and Answers

Expand/CollapseGeneral Feedback

8-Apr-2010 Bob Beaney: How many hours can be recorded and retained?

mark h: Its really depends on the frame rate, the resolution and the quality settings, but as a rough guide for 4 cameras with everything on maximum quality the minimum recoding time would be about 9 days. Most situations wont require the maximum 25 Frames per second per camera, so by halving this you will almost double the recording time if you require more. There is also always the option of a larger hard drive.

31-Aug-2010 Tvmender: Hi, Does this DVR have a VGA out for viewing cameras on a computer monitor? Thanks, - Sam

mark h: Yes it has VGA as well as the BNC monitor output. It can also be viewed over a network or remotely.

5-Sep-2010 Fuj: Are the cameras in colour and what make are the cameras

mark h: Yes they are colour during the day and black and white at night with the Infra Red. The cameras are Avtech AV139Z which can be seen under the outdoor CCTV Cameras category

5-Dec-2010 Chris: Hi, Can I view the images over the internet? Secondly, do you carry out installation?

mark h: Yes this DVR can be viewed remotely. A static IP or Dynamic DNS would be required and some basic networking knowledge. If you would prefer, once your cameras are set up and your DVR plugged into a router we could dial in and set it up for you as part of our DVRSETUP service for £49. We don't offer installation sorry

2-Jan-2011 art: Q. do the camers come with black cable rather than white. does the hard drive do 4 way split screen so i can view all 4 at one time.

mark h: All of the premade cables we have in stock are white. If you had to have black we should be able to get some, its would add around £20 cost to the package. The DVR Hard drive can show a single camera, all 4, or scroll through them

22-Feb-2011 brian: Hi.how hard are these systems to install

mark h: All the connections are pre-terminated so there isn't any need to cut cables or fix on connections. They are made to be as easy as possible to install with very little technical knowledge. Some basic DIY skills are needed to drill through walls and route the cable which is the hardest part of any install

27-Apr-2011 Mark J: Hello. Just wondering whether the network access to this unit is via a web browser, or via a (Windows) piece of software? Hoping to use this in a Mac-based environment

jonathan s: You can view via browser or by software which is now Mac compatible.

21-Nov-2011 Robert S: Can you email the camera manual. I need to assess the mounting positions

paul: There is a manual on this page http://www.avtech.com.tw/english/cctv_feature.aspx?ID=KPC139E Thanks

Main Product Comments, Questions and Answers

26-Oct-2011 Peter C: Is there a data sheet for this DVR as there is for the KPD675?

Paul: Don't have a data sheet but do have a link to the manual that will tell you more. Pls see http://www.iviewcameras.co.uk/pdf/KPD674A_Manual.pdf

5-Oct-2010 Madhouse !!: Does it have a standard video out socket to connect to standard tv ?

mark: It has VGA. You can buy a BNC --> scart converter: AKEVCONN5. You would also need AKEBNC1 (BNC cable)

15-Feb-2013 jamie: whats the difference between the the kpd 674 & kpd675? thanks

Gavin: Hi Jamie, the 675 is full D1, so you can record on maximum resolution and frames per second (25fps) on two out of four channels. Thanks

15-May-2011 Andrew Jones: I can see that this product supports PTZ control but I cannot see an RS485 connection on the machine. Could you please advise how a wired PTZ camera with an RS485 connection can be connected to this machine?

jonathan: It has a Serial I/O on the back, however we wouldn't really advise this model to control a PTZ and it wouldn't work with a RS485.

18-Aug-2010 Pete: Hi - does the web interface work with the browser in a smart phone ? Android or iPhone for example ? thanks, Pete

mark h: Yes it does through Avtech's dedicated software Eagle Eyes. Please see the View CCTV on your iPhone button on the left hand side of our Homepage for full details.

13-Mar-2011 Tone: Can recorded footage be transfered to a usb stick and viewed on a PC by the police? What format is it in?

mark h: Yes it can be, the format can either be in an AVI file that can be played on Windows Media Player or Avtechs own compression to use with the software they provide

24-Nov-2011 GD: I bought one of these last year. Is there a firmware upgrade available?

paul: Please see http://www.iviewcameras.co.uk/CCTV_DVR_firmware/page.asp

1-Mar-2011 Paul: Hi I am very interested in this product. I want to view it over the net (iphone) I have a static IP (which I think is needed) but will not be able to get a LAN cable from it to my router. As my router is wireless, could I plug a Linkys wireless G usb network adaptor (WUSB54GS) into the LAN socket and communicate wirelessly to the Linkys wireless router? I guess I would need a Lan lead to that square USB socket (usb b?) on the wireless adaptor Would this slow the wifi down all the time, once connected up, or would it only upload on demand, ie when asked for from the iphone. If it transmitted all the time I guess I would need a very large bandwidth from my isp ?

mark h: If you already have a static IP that's great, alternatively a dynamic DNS service can be used. To essentially make your DVR wireless so it can connect to your network without a network cable you will need a bridge or a wireless print server or similar with a Lan port. We normally use the Netgear WNCE2001-100UKS. A USB wireless device wouldn't be suitable as the USB port on the DVR is only for backing up data onto a flash drive. It will only use upload bandwidth and transmit data across your network when you are accessing it from a browser or mobile device, the rest of time it will be ready but not transmitting. Your normal internet use as its download bandwidth should be unaffected

21-Feb-2010 tony: does this product kpd674 come with software for remotely viewing

mark h: Yes it does

9-Jan-2012 Jahno: Hi, I want to upgrade my DVR, and I'd like to know if this DVR is much better than the old AV760 with 160GB? If so, how is it better? And will I be able to use the existing ZTV night vision wireless cameras & receivers (812D)? Also, how much GB comes with this DVR? Many thanks

paul: We can fit a 500GB hard drive for £54.97 or £69.97 for a 1TB hard drive. This DVR will offer you much better file compression, Iphone/ smart phone support, a VGA port, USB, and mouse control. And will be easier to use.

8-Feb-2011 Sean: Can you record and playback using the USB only, if you didnt want to use an internal harddrive?

mark h: The USB is only to transfer data onto a USB stick. An internal hard drive would have to be used if you want to record footage

14-May-2010 Chris: How does remote access work on this DVR - it mentions a special 'licensed' program, is this used instead of a standard webrowser? If a webrowser is supported, does Firefox work OK? Can the unit be used totally remotely, i.e. using PC access without a local display on the CCTV unit? How reliable is this box, it seems remarkably cheap (I realise the price is without hard drive). I've some experience of a Dedicated Micros CCTV unit at work, which is excellent but any times more expensive than this box.

mark h: The dedicated software offers more functionality than viewing remotely from a web browser, however you can use either. We only use IE however it should work from Firefox. We have sold 1000's of these units with no problems. You cant really compare Dedicated Micro's with this equipment, its not like for like, however these units are perfect for residential or small business use, and are far better than the majority at this price point. We have some Topica units for more commercial applications if you require them

8-Jan-2012 Jon: Hi, I have a spare 160gb excelstor sata drive. Will this work ok? Thanks Jon

Gavin: Hi Jon, that will work fine. Please bare in mind you wikll need to re-format it. Regards

15-Apr-2012 Michael: I have this product and am very happy. My Firmware is 1008D-1003D-1004D-1002D and may need to up date. Where do I find the latest firmware to check it..update and also find clear instructions on how to do this. Cheers, Michael Wayne

Gavin: Follow the link below; http://www.iviewcameras.co.uk/CCTV_DVR_firmware/page.asp Instructions: Unzip the file and copy all the unzipped files on a memory stick and and connect the memory stick to the DVR. Press the menu button and after entering your password go to system info and select firmware upgrade from there. You will get a message saying if you want to keep the current configuration. Say yes to that message please. Firmware upgrade should start at this point and after the firmware upgrade the DVR will reboot. Many thanks

11-Jan-2012 Jahno: Hi, will I be able to use the ZTV night vision wireless cameras & receivers (812D) with this model which I'm currently using with the old AV760 160GB model? Many thanks

Gavin: Hi, if you go to Zedcam Packages on the website you'll see the DVR's they are compatible with. They will not be compatible with the standard analogue AVTech DVR's we sell. You need to use the specific ones on the Zedcam Packages section. Thanks

22-Mar-2011 Rob V.: What is the maximum FPS and Resolution that can be recorded and across how many channels simultaneously. Also, can you have 2 channels set to "the max" and then 2 channels set at a lower FPS and resolution?

mark h: Max FPS is 100 FPS across all channels, Max resolution is 704 x 576, there are also 4 image quality settings, Super Best, Best, High, Normal. You can set the FPS independently for each camera

Need help? Call our team of specialists on 0844 412 4503.

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